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Our Empowerment Through Employment Program is a free, highly individualized program designed to empower individuals with disabilities by providing them with an ETE Coach, who supports them with self-identifying & achieving goals around job readiness skills, employment skills, and life skills.

Our ETE Coaches support participants with self-identifying & achieving goals around developing skills among job readiness, employment, & life skills. 

ETE Coaches:

  • Provide a safe & accessible learning environment

  • Create lessons & activities to directly support participant-identified goals

  • Review weekly & monthly progress

  • Fade support based on achievement of goals & comfort of ETE Participant

What We Do


Review Your Application

We do not discriminate on disability type or if you chose not to share your disability with us. To apply, click here.



We created our own unique assessment for job-readiness skills. We take you through the assessment to support you as you self-identify areas of need & areas of strengths.


Identifying Values

Our values as an organization are what guide every decision we make to best fulfill our mission. (learn about our values here) We want you to have the same empowering guidepost as a participant- so we guide you through a lesson about what values are and why they are so important, then we support you as you self-identify your own unique set of values. We continue to define behaviors that help you live into your values and distinguish from those that do not align with your values.


Job Search, Application, & Interviewing

As determined by your self-identified goals with your ETE Coach, when you feel ready to being the job search process, your ETE Coach will support you along the entire way. We will teach you how to search for jobs, how to complete applications, and how to prepare and do your best at interviews.


Employment Check-ins

After you are hired, and have started your job, we continue to support you through regular check-ins with both you and your employer (if appropriate). We can help you learn additional skills, as needed, or help you with communicating with your employer if additional accommodations are needed or altered. 


Participant Completion

Just because you've found a job you love & completed all of your self-identified goals in our program doesn't mean you no longer have support if and when you need it- just reach back out & we will offer the support we can to you. 


Schedule Initial Meeting

We schedule an initial meeting with you to introduce ourselves & your assigned ETE Coach, & provide details about our organization & the program. We also discuss your needs & wants for entering our program. 


Goal Development

We continue to collect observational data based off of your initial assessment results to best support your job readiness skill development needs. We work with you to help you self-identify & define areas of need & areas of strength to use to build skills.


Program Sessions

We schedule sessions or meetings with you to work hands on to develop job readiness skills. As your ETE coach, we continue to listen to your feedback to ensure you feel empowered & comfortable with the activities & support you are receiving. 


Accepting Offers & Starting a Job

Your ETE Coach will support you as you go through job offers, (& how to process any disappointment of not getting a job you wanted), as well as, preparing you to start your job. We support you through determining appropriate accommodations & ensuring you receive the adequate training on your new position's roles and functions.


Community Connections

As an ETE Participant, we invite you to our Community Pop-ups, Participant Social Nights, and more! We encourage a holistic sense of wellness and connection for all of our community!

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