Who We Are

Be the Change Charleston is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities through community connection & employment opportunities.

We work with individuals with disabilities, their families, and our communities through our Empowerment through Employment Program & Community Connection Initiative.

Our ultimate goal is to create opportunities for positive interaction between individuals with and without exceptionalities in the greater Charleston area.

Empowerment through Employment: Individualized Skill Development Program

Starting Soon!

Empowerment through Employment is our first initiative as Be the Change, Charleston. Our mission is to empower individuals with disabilities by providing personalized, evidence-based skill development programs to support meaningful employment.

Community Connections Initiative 

In the works!

We provide individualized educational programs & resources for our community. We offer educational programs for businesses, law enforcement, first responders, and more! Our programs help members of the community learn more about individuals with disabilities and their families.

Our Initiatives

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Be the Change Charleston is a nonprofit organization.

Our EIN is 83-4278401.