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Happy Disabled Valentine's Day!

Yes! All people deserve opportunities to pursue romantic love! #disabledlove #accessislove

From watching Love on the Spectrum & Down with Love on Netflix to witnessing disabled voices on social media talk about their real life experiences, love is in the air this Valentine's day!

Our friends, Dr. Michelle Fynan & former Be the Change Charleston board member, Nathan Todd, at Bad Ass Boundaries talk more about how disabled people deserve romance! Listen to their insights here:

We are also IN LOVE with this Rooted in Rights blog post by Alice Wong, a disability activist & creator of the Disability Visibility Project , that speaks on how combatting internalized ableism, biases, and prejudices is an act of love for yourself, your community, and the disability rights movement! What a beautiful article with such deep insights for us all. She calls us to action by asking us to reflect on the following premises:

"With all of this in mind, on this Valentine’s Day I invite you to think about these questions:
Who do you love? Who are your people?
How do you show love for your communities?
What does it mean to show up for others?
In what ways is access, solidarity, and disability justice a form of love?
Who we love and how we love is inherently political. We declare our kinship through our actions and words in both explicit and subtle ways. It’s not easy or simple, but I hope everyone will find their people and ways to express love for their communities each and every day." - Alice Wong, On Valentine’s Day, Let’s Recognize Why #AccessIsLove

Shaina speaking here- After watching the 2nd season of Love on the Spectrum, I started watching Down with Love. It was so beautiful to witness the tenderness & vulnerability of real disabled people dating, processing rejection, rejecting others, and even falling in love. I want to share this beautiful clip of one of Carlos Biggemann, an artist, poet, and photographer from the show Down with Love!

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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